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Games Workshop - Age Of Sigmar - Start Collecting - Greywater Fastness

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Inside this set, you'll find:
1 x Warden King – a stalwart Duardin leader ideal for leading for your forces.
1 x Cogsmith – a master engineer who makes your war machines even more effective in battle, armed with a cog axe and a grudge-raker shotgun
10 x Ironbreakers – the nigh indomitable shieldwall of the Cities of Sigmar, clad in heavy armour and capable of weathering the heaviest of assaults -  These can be optionally assembled as Irondrakes – armoured duardin wielding deadly flame-spitting ranged weaponry)
1 x Gyrobomber – an aerial war machine of the Ironweld Arsenal specialised in bringing death from above, also buildable as a fast-moving gyrocopter
This set contains 13 miniatures, and is supplied with 1x 50mm Round Base with Flying Stem, 11x 25mm Round Bases and 1x 32mm Round Base.
This kit comes unpainted and requires assembly.