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About Us

I had no idea sixteen years ago, being unable to find a birthday card for my football mad daughter, I would be running my own craft shop! I decided to make the card and so began my crafting journey!
Although basic, I was very proud of it, and more importantly, my daughter loved it, and with that, I caught the ‘crafting bug’. Eager to learn more I joined a craft and natter group and went to a number of workshops. Crafters are always happy to share their knowledge, hints and tips. I met many talented crafters and my creativity flourished. Feeling confident I started teaching others. A small group came to my home, each week, eager to learn.
I started running classes for someone else but wanted to ‘go it alone’. I rented offices to run classes and sell crafting equipment.
I still had a dream, as they say, I wanted a shop! With the support of my family we began looking for property, not easy, but then a property in Milton Street became vacant. It had plenty of space for classes plus retail space. Negotiations to rent the property took a while but at last everything came together, and Box of Delights had a retail presence!
It has been 18 months since moving into the shop and it has been a fantastic journey and one I still enjoy. I run several classes during the week and workshops on Saturdays and a craft and natter group. We have a regular demo day where crafting celebrities and I demonstrate the latest crafting techniques and equipment.
How did the name for my business come about? When you open a box with crafting equipment - it is indeed ‘A box of delights”